What is a challenge?

A challenge is a competition between two players for a particular sport.

How do I challenge someone?

Download the app and signup. Search olympians and click on the challenge button on the selected Olympian. You are on.

What is a direct challenge?

A direct challenge is when you select a challenger and challenge him/her.

What is an open challenge?

An open challenge is when you create a public challenge without a challenger. Anyone can accept your challenge and play with you.

Who is a referee?

A referee is any other player who can oversee the game for fair play and declare the winner.

Will the referee decide the winner?

Yes the referee is the final decision maker and he will declare the winner on the app once the game is completed.

What if a game is cancelled or a tie?

If game is cancelled or a tie you will get your redeemable points refunded. Referee will get points even if the game is a tie.

Do I have to select a referee?

Any player can be a referee. You can ask them to become referee or accept any one as a referee.

Do you have to pay for the venue?

Venue fee is not part of the challenges.

How do I get paid if I win?

If you win your account will be credited with the karma points which are redeemable.

What are karma points?

karma points are redeemable wallet credits. Each point is worth a dollar.

What is a match?

A match is sports event where a group of players will compete to win the final prize.

How do I participate?

You can participate in a match by clicking on the compete button on match information page.

Who is an organiser?

An organiser is the one who creates a match and is responsible for conducting the tournament in a fair way.

How do I get the prize money if I am the winner?

All you prize money is credited as redeemable karma points, which can be redeemed to your bank account.

How is the player rank decided?

Daily we will be running our proprietary algorithm which assigns a rank to players based on the number of games played, won and lost.

What if a player cheats?

You can report the issue by clicking on report option in game details page or else you can write to support@olympian.app

Will I make money as a match organiser?

Yes, as a match organiser you will be paid the remaining entry fee money after deducting the prize money and platform charges. For example if your match entry Fee(A) = 100$, Prize money(B)= 500$, Total participating players(C) = 20$, Platform fee(D) 10% . Organiser paid(O) = (A*C)-B-D. So you make $1350.

How does redemption work?

You can redeem your karma points as cash to your bank from the redemption page.

What are the charges for redemption?

Local taxes are applicable based on the country and state.

Can I cancel a challenge?

Yes, can you cancel a challenge any time before the game starts.

Can I withdraw from the match?

Yes you can withdraw from match any time before the tournament begins.

How do I reach the referee and other challengers?

The referee and other challengers can be reached via inbuilt chat option.

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